Laurel Krahn (laurel) wrote in minicon42_2007,
Laurel Krahn

Internet info

In room ethernet access costs $4.95/hour or $9.95/day or $24.95 for three days. Can be billed to your room if you're accessing it in your room via supplied ethernet.

There is wireless access in many places, it also costs $4.95/hour or $9.95 per day; I didn't see a three-day option available probably because it didn't recognize me as being associated with a particular room?

I suppose a person could hook up a wireless router to ethernet in their room . . .

I've paid for ethernet access, but they seem to want me to pay again for wifi (I ain't doin' that).

Service is provided to the Sheraton by Global Suite Wireless Guest Tek.

If anyone has more internet/wifi/network info to share, please comment on this entry.
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There is a 3-day option for $24.95. It's supposed to transfer from the cable connection in the rooms down to the wireless in the lobby at no extra charge-- but mine didn't. The bartender was nice enough to call the front desk and they manually got the wireless IP to bypass the credit card login screen for me. (To get the free wireless, you're supposed to sign up first through the cable connection in your room. I wonder if everyone else is going to have this problem tomorrow. There are no access codes other than credit card number to enter on the wireless intercept. If it's determining whether you've signed up in your room by the Mac address of the network card, obviously the wired and wireless cards have two different IPs. )

BTW: Hi. I'm in the bar now, (Thurs 1PM) by myself reading downloaded comic books on my PC. If anyone else is around, please feel free to come by.
I can test the cable in room-to-wireless at some point -- I signed up through the cable connection in my room. I was glad to see the price break on the 3-day option.
Recent discovery: If you subscribe and get a "wired" IP address in your room, write it down. If the wireless connection on the first floor tries to get a credit card number from you, again, open the settings and change the wireless connection from "DHCP" to the static IP address, gateway & DNS that worked in your room with the "wired" connection.
Hi! Glad you made it this year.

It makes sense that one would get wireless with paid access in rooms-- I think it worked that way last year, more or less. I'll have to see about getting it squared away for myself.
I was going to bring my laptop with its iffy wireless, but I don't want to pay and then have it work only sporadically. People are still emailing me about registration stuff.
If you wanted, I could add myself to the registration forward so I get those emails and then I could fill you in at the con as stuff comes up.

(I won't be checking all the time, but will whenever I go back to my room).
I'm up in our room with the wireless, which works pretty well. Where is everyone? The website doesn't show the consuite...

Susan and Mere are down at the pool, and we're debating supper. mere's been cooped up in the car all day, and she's restless.
I'd look for people in the bar (down by the front desk) or else in the "consuite area" which is on second floor at the far end of the pool (far in relation to the front desk/bar area).

Other people may be wandering around frantically.

Kevin and I are about to head back to the hotel, had to come home for last minute stuff.
Ah. We're in 203, and I guess that means that the Consuite is between our room and the stairs down to the pool.

Susan just called up and wanted to know what 'dining in' options (like ordering in pizza) were. Any comments?
You've probably figured something out by now. There's room service, of course. But there are pizza places that deliver. The front desk might have some idea of who delivers (including non pizza places).

You can pick up food at the Dairy Queen, TGI Fridays, Burger King, etc.

IIRC we've ordered from Pizza hut here before or maybe Dominoes. Their websites probably could tell you. Cheetah Pizza is nearby if they're still in business and probably deliver (they're in a strip mall nearby). Dunno if there's a Davanni's that delivers here but I think there might be-- better than Pizza Hut or Dominoes or Papa Johns IMHO.
Someone seems to have set up a wireless network named "DodoNet" but it's not yet working right. Is near pool/consuite.
When I leave my iBook in 223, I'm leaving it up to share internet access via wifi. Feel free to hook up to "Dodo" if you'd like-- I'm getting crazy good range all the way along the hall and patios in front of the consuite (but not very good in the rooms).
Too late for this year:

I didn't bring my laptop because it's hard enough getting through TSA with meds and wheelchair, so I had to use the "business center" on the first floor to check some auctions I scheduled to start Sunday but wanted to see actually up. $5.95 for 15 minutes. Plus, the chairs are on wheels. The counter with the keyboards is too tall. There are no bumps on F and J. They all have mouses (it can take me an entire minute to double-click with a mouse). Someone in a wheelchair would not be able to reach the printed paper or the tech support phone.

I called tech support (there wasn't a button choice for complaints) and told them these and then emailed the same yesterday. The tech did say he thought if I brought a trackball next year, I could just unplug the mouse and plug the trackball in without trouble. I'm not sure because it isn't obvious how you reboot. I'll bring a baby trackball just in case, though.