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Please visit, join, or watch minicon where one can discuss all things Minicon (past, present, and future). Yes, we finally have one Minicon LJ to rule them all (no more having to add a new one each year).
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Minicon 42 Galleries

Minicon 42 Galleries up! I'm not done annotating the pictures, but as usual LJ gets first peek. At the moment, I'm still hacking my way through Gallery B and neither of these are connected to the rest of the site. I took too many pictures... but I got a lot of good ones.

These are not finished. Corrections encouraged! Who are all those people I don't know?

Minicon 42 Gallery A | Minicon 42 Gallery B

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Solution to the Minicon Medallion Hunt

At Closing Ceremonies, I wrapped up the Minicon Medallion Hunt by revealing the location of the last two undiscovered pennies, along with the logic behind them.  I was asked to post this account (which evoked death threats from Howard Harrison and laughter from the rest of the audience) to someplace like this community.  For the sake of posterity I am glad to oblige.  The parts in italics are extra material I didn't read at Closing Ceremonies.

Some people have suggested that perhaps the clue for Medallion 42 was a tad on the challenging side.  To this, I respond that, given the rate at which the pennies were gobbled up during the first Medallion Hunt, including the secret one that wasn't even supposed to be found until after the second issue came out, I felt I could hardly overestimate the riddle-solving skills of Minicon attendees.  Now I suppose I have an upper bound to work with. :)  Don't forget, though, that seventeen of the nineteen pennies were found, and quickly, at that.  That's not too shabby, you have to admit!
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Dead Dodo

Hi! I hear there's a Dead Dodo party at Dean & Laura's. What time? Address info for those who don't know and may have missed seeing the last issue of the Bozo Bus Tribune?
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Photos, one at a time

A quick mention that I've been posting Minicon 42 pictures in my LJ, one at a time, for several days. More to come, I suspect. Eventually (but not soon), I'll post a full gallery of pictures; 260 survived the first cut (with more photo ops on the horizon) but the gallery won't be that large.
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Return of the Dodo

Apologies for lack of net.connectivity for a while earlier today-- I'd paid for three days of internet starting on Thursday and that time ran out sometime this afternoon. I paid for another day so Dodo should be up 'til whenever we depart the hotel tomorrow.

I returned to my room at 3am or so this morning to find my computer had completely shut down and I'm not sure how long it was down. Got it back up and running before the 4am pulse check if I recall correctly.