Laurel Krahn (laurel) wrote in minicon42_2007,
Laurel Krahn

Internet info

In room ethernet access costs $4.95/hour or $9.95/day or $24.95 for three days. Can be billed to your room if you're accessing it in your room via supplied ethernet.

There is wireless access in many places, it also costs $4.95/hour or $9.95 per day; I didn't see a three-day option available probably because it didn't recognize me as being associated with a particular room?

I suppose a person could hook up a wireless router to ethernet in their room . . .

I've paid for ethernet access, but they seem to want me to pay again for wifi (I ain't doin' that).

Service is provided to the Sheraton by Global Suite Wireless Guest Tek.

If anyone has more internet/wifi/network info to share, please comment on this entry.
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